Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us.....

It is our 13th Anniversary today! So I decided to do some digging to find some pictures of us 13 years ago. I couldn't find the good ones because they are buried deep in storage (someday I will have a permanent home to store my stuff!) and I found these ones. Our engagement picture is a little blury because I took a picture of the picture with my camera and it wouldn't focus on it very well. Anyway I can't believe how young we look! We have been through a lot in the last 13 years but I am glad that we were able to get through it all together! I can't imagine my life without Larry even though sometimes I would like to kill him!!! He is a very hard worker and wants the best for us as his family. He is taking me out to dinner and a movie so that will be fun. I am very thankful that he is my husband and he puts up with me and my mood swings!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother's Day Program

Today Ryan's Kindergarten class had a Mother's day program in their classroom. It was so cute! They did a little skit about a Farmer who doesn't want to wake up and feed the animals but the Rooster keeps bugging him to wake up. So he finally wakes up and feeds the animals. Ryan was a chicken. They sang some cute songs. They also had chicken eggs that they incubated and let hatch in their classroom so there is a picture of the baby chics because they are going to his teacher's farm. I just love when they are this age. They are so cute to go and watch them. They get so excited to see you there. Ryan is very shy so he wouldn't sing too much. Its funny because he is probably the loudest one at home!

Friday, May 2, 2008

5th Grade Over nighter....

So on Wednesday and Thursday I went on a field trip with Natalia's entire 5th grade class to OMSI in Portland. It was quite the experience. If you have never heard of omsi before it is a huge Science camp that tons of students go to everyday to have some great hands on experiences with Science. There is a huge dinosaur display, Life Science section, different labs, IMAX theater with the largest screen in America, Planitarium, and a real submarine. There is a lot more but anyway we had to only bring things that were necessary so as not to pack too much. We were told not to bring a change of clothes just a sleeping bag, pillow, tooth brush, and a jacket or coat. So we went on this great 5 hour bus ride to Portland and went to the zoo first. We were at the zoo for way too long! It rained and was very cold. Then we headed to omsi. We got there and explored for quite awhile then we ate and then watched a couple of movies...one in the Planitarium and then later in the IMax theater. I fell asleep for both movies because it is quite exhausting walking around all day until 11:30 at night. Then explored some more and the kids got to go to several different labs and do some fun stuff. The worst part about this trip is you camp in one of the rooms. Our 5th grade class got to camp on the floor of the Life Science room. So the floor was basically concrete with carpet glued to it. So yeah it was hard. But because I was so tired I actually slept from 11:45 until 6 am without waking up. Amazing I know! The kids absolutely loved it. They had a lot of fun but it was quite exhausting. The bus ride home was probably the longest ever but I am glad I went and got to experience that with Natalia. So hopefully that makes sense and enjoy the pictures. I really like Portland it is a beautiful city!


Here are few pics of what there is at OMSI. There is a big display of dinosaurs and tons of facts and information. The best part of the trip for me was the submarine. We got to tour the USS 510. It was a real submarine used a long time ago. The most interesting part was that there were about 90 men aboard this submarine for a week's time when they were on a mission. They could not take a shower and some of them smoked. There is absolutely no fresh air in the sub so can you imagine the dank air from BO and cigars???? I about died. The subs are a lot bigger now but this particular one was quite small and very tight. The sleeping bunks were very small. I was getting very claustrophobic just in the 15 minutes we were on there so I can't imagine being on there with no way out and the smell! I am glad I have never had to do anything like that.

Field Trip.....

Here are a few shots of the Portland zoo. I love the zoo but we were there from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and it rained and was so cold. It was not the funnest time I have had at the zoo.

These are my all time favorite animals. The Polar Bear, Meerkat, and the Penguins. They are so cute and fascinating to me. I love to see them when I go to the zoo. The Penguins are probably my most favorite because they are soooo cute and they are just fun to watch.