Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Food for thought...

I just had to write a few things that are on my mind today. This past weekend we cleaned out our storage unit (YUCK!) and found our MIA video camera! So we spent Sunday afternoon and Monday night viewing our new found treasures! I cannot tell you how much fun that was and our kids laughed so hard at all the funny stuff they did when they were babies! I found myself so emotional watching my kids as babies. Those who know me well know that I love nothing more than babies! I wanted so bad to be able to jump through the tv and through time just to hold and kiss my babies again. I haven't been able to get it out of my mind at honestly how scary fast time goes by! It seems like yesterday I was a kid myself. When I was 17 I got my patriarchal blessing and before I went to get it I remember thinking I hope it will tell me that I will be a Mother because I want nothing more in life than to have kids. Needless to say the blessing told me I would become a mother to sons and daughters alike. Well I don't have daughters but I have sons and a daughter who knows maybe one will slip in before I get too old! Anyway all I can do is think about my kids and those videos. If there is one thing that I could go back and change in my life it would be to refuse to work and spend every waking moment I had holding, kissing, loving, and playing with my babies! So you stay at home moms feel lucky that you have the opportunity to stay at home with your children even though I am sure at times you wish you could be somewhere else! I have no idea why I can't seem to get those videos out of my head but I really can't believe that my kids are 11, 8 , and 6 all ready and that I didn't get to spend all day everyday with them as they are growing! Now they talk back, fight, and they are too busy for mom to hold them and kiss them, but I love them more than anything and I am so blessed to be a Mother! Yes I am rambling and at this moment tears are falling down my face but I just had to write what I was feeling!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July weekend...

This past weekend we went home to get our kids and got to do what we love the most...boating, jet skiing, water-skiing, wake boarding, and playing in the sand! We went to the American Falls Reservoir first and then went to Bear Lake on Saturday. We absolutely love Bear Lake! Larry and I could easily live there if we could. When we lived in Idaho we would try to go every weekend in the summer we just love being there. Our kids love it as well! It was once again a very quick trip but a lot of fun. Good times!!

This is a picture of Seth and Ryan getting buried in the sand at Bear Lake. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the beautiful lake and the sail boat! It is so pretty we love it in Bear lake!

This is a picture of Larry water-skiing at American Falls Reservoir and trying to teach Seth how to water-ski! He didn't quite get it though...he just needs more practice!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How Time Flies......

Well we are into July and I have been a bad blogger!! We have had a busy month in June. First I had a birthday shout hooray!!! Yes I am now 32....I know I am old right?! Then there was father's day. After that our kids went home to Grandma's. Then Larry had a birthday...Yep the big 35!! So the kids are still at Larry's parents house we will go this weekend to pick them up. They are having a great time. They got to go camping with my parents to Logan Canyon. They went to Jensen's grove which is a little lake in Blackfoot. They got to go and see Walle at the theater and spend tons of time with their cousins! I am now getting homesick for them!! Larry and I have had a good time with just the two of us. Its kind of nice to be able to spend more time together alone! But it will come to an end soon but that is ok I love my kids more than anything!! So I will have to post some more pictures later but I just wanted you all to know that I am still here!