Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ryan's Baptism

Ryan was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on April 10,2010. I was so mad at myself because we get to the church for the baptism and I am getting my camera ready to take pictures and my stupid battery is dead!!! I could kick myself so the image is from Natalia's phone. I was almost to tears but Larry's mom did take some pics but I have not recieved them yet. When I do I will get them up. It was a very nice baptism. Most of our family came and we had a good time with them all. It was a very nice experience. The funny thing is that all of my kids have been baptized in a different city. Natalia was baptized in Chubbuck, Seth in LaGrande, and Ryan in Caldwell. That is a little sad, it tells you how much we have moved but we have had some great experiences and have met some wonderful people. I am very thankful for my family and for experiences like these that bring us all together. How blessed I am!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My baby turns 8...

Well my baby has turned 8. I can't believe it but its true. Here are some things I love about Ryan...He is very funny, loves to tease, very fun personality, so shy around everyone he doesn't know, has the cutest ears, loves to play all sports, very good at basketball, cutest voice, very energetic, and he is my baby. The photos are for his upcoming baptism. He is very excited to be baptised. He hates having his picture taken and usually I have to fight with him to even get one good one. This time he was wonderful and so good. He let me take a lot of pictures. Here are a few but I should be able to put some more a little later.

My little Angels....

It's been a while, but things are going great! School has been very good and such a great opportunity for me. I am working very hard, but have straight A's. I am very proud of myself! Going to school has made the time fly even faster. The semester is almost over, just about a month. The kids are doing great as well, Natalia always pulls straight A's and Larry has a bumper sticker on his truck to tell the world. The boys keep improving all the time and have A's and B's. Larry is doing well too, he is just a hard working man! Anyway here are some new photos of the kids. They are so cute!