Monday, January 21, 2008


I had to change my template for Valentines day. Valentines is one of my favorite holidays! Larry is always good to me and surprises me with something very nice. So I look forward to that and all of my kids have birthday's one right after another. Seth's is first on Feb.15, then Ryan's on Feb.26, then Natalia on Mar.3! What a way to get it out of the way right?! So we will be busy next month plus Seth will be baptized and he is looking forward to that as well as Scouts!! Hopefully I don't get put in Scouts--I better knock on wood.


Are You Serious! said...

Wow those are right after anohter. My kids aren't that close but sortof close... 4/23, 4/23, 5/22, 6/05... :) What a busy month for you!

Rachel B said...

Hey maybe Larry can give Lloyd some vanlentine tips for what to give your wife. Oh wait he just said that I am getting something out of a Diesel Power magazine. REALLY? What the ?.. He does shop for me IF he shops for me on Valentines day after work. Nice huh? You would think after giving birth to 5 yes 5 of his children I would get a little more than a talking flasher that plays music. It hit the garbage soon after it arrived in my house. Okay this is getting much too long. Must get back to the kids. Corbin is emitting a smell that's not so good. Later.