Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break and Easter...

I can't believe how fast time goes!! This past weekend I had off so we headed out of town and went snow boarding. It was so much fun and the best part was we got out of town. The only bad thing was I forgot my camera. I was so sad. I always forget my camera when I want it the most. Larry was like I can't believe you forgot your camera again!! Anyway we had a great time. Natalia is like a boarding pro now she is doing great. The boys had a lot of fun but got tired around lunch time and didn't want to go anymore so they played in the snow then went in the truck and went to sleep. The lodge had a easter egg hunt after lunch and the boys enjoyed that. We had a really good time. Snow boarding is really alot of fun. I fell on my butt a lot and my arms were/are still so sore. The last time Larry and I went boarding was about 5 years ago. I have my own board but everyone else had to rent theirs. We also colored eggs for the first time this weekend! I have never colored eggs before, I know weird, but we had fun doing it then we ate them the next day! Of course I didn't take any pictures I really don't know what I was thinking but obviously not to take pictures! Well I think that is about all of it in a nutshell. I sure wish I had some new pics for everyone but life does go on, right?!


angel2 said...

You crazy lady I can't believe you would forget your camera! Gosh its not like you don't have anything else to worry about right!? JK Love ya

Rachel B said...

GASP! How did you forget your camera!!?!?!? Just kidding.
Good grief I forgot Lloyds contact lens stuff when we went to my mom's oh and hair gel and, and, and!
Then on our way home we/I left Lloyd's and Jentry's church clothes hanging in my mom's closet, So really don't feel bad. Well back to the sickies I go.


Are You Serious! said...

♥ I have the worst luck I'd probably break a leg or something if I tried snowboarding! :)

I forgot my camera too. Luckily my sister was on top of htings and brough hers!

Sounds like a great weekend!

sara said...

I love to snowboard! I wish I was there with you. I can't believe you have never colored eggs before!