Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

Here are the back to school pics I took. Nothing amazing or anything just a little reminder for me of what they looked like for the beginning of the school year. Of course Ryan has a face full of scrapes because that kid is always getting hurt so its really not unusual for him to have scabs all over! Natalia started today and she was so excited about it. She tried on several different outfits on last night so that she would be wearing the perfect outfit for the first day of school. Her and her friends would call eachother and say what are you going to wear?? Very crazy! The boys are very excited as well. They can't wait to see their friends again and Seth can't wait to do math! I can't believe it came up so fast. It will be nice to have them all in school again but kind of sad that they are growing up so quickly. Anyway that is the word on back to school for us!


Rachel said...

I love them they turned out great! I should be doing this today sometime.... Maybe later this evening.

Burrup Family said...

They are adorable. I can't believe Seth is so excited to do math. Maybe he will be your accountant.

Chase & Dani said...

Very cute!! You're like Adrianne, super good with a camera!

LaRue said...

Beautiful pictures of the kids, they are growing up to fast....Mom

Nadine Marksteiner said...


You have really nice pictures. You should go to mainmag.net and upload your pictures and make fridge magnets from them and send them to all your family and friends!