Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween '09

Here are the boys on Halloween this year. Ryan was a punk which suits him totally! He is definitely my crazy one. He is very funny and is so much like his dad that I am completely frightened for him to grow up!! Seth is my sweet, loves his mom, very good boy! He is so much like me its crazy. He is absolutely obsessed with Star Wars so of course he was Obi Wan Kanobi. I don't know how to spell that!! Anyway I didn't get a lot of pics cuz Halloween was a crazy day. The pics of Natalia somehow did not work out so I am going to have to have her dress up again so I can get the pics on here. She is a mixture of both Larry and I. She is very cute and loves clothes and shoes like her mama but she is also stubborn and thinks she knows everything like her dad;) Her and I are becoming best friends which I love! She will tell me everything. I just hope that she continues to do that! Anyway I can't believe that I have actually posted 3 posts today, WOW!


angel2 said...

wow!! Good to see you back on :)