Thursday, May 13, 2010

Salt Lake City...

I am a little late posting this trip but somehow school got in the way with finals and all that jazz. I must say that I have accomplished straight A's this semester. I am pretty excited about it. Anyway our trip to Salt Lake a couple weeks ago was so fun. Although it was really short, we still had an excellent time. The weather turned out to be quite cold on the night of the race. We had awesome seats right by the finish line, then we got rained on, snowed on, and more rain. We ended up moving to the very top of the stadium which had an awning type deal so we could get away from the weather. All in all it was a cool race with my favorite rider (Kevin Windham) winning the 450 class main event. The best part of the trip was meeting with my big bro and his lovely wife for lunch followed by a visit to temple square. I had not been to temple square for quite a few years, let me just say I had been missing out! Temple square is the most beautiful place ever. What makes it so beautiful is the peaceful feeling one recieve's the second upon entering. It brought tears to my eyes as we explored the grounds as well as the visitor's center. The vistor's center held some new material, all about the construction and how the temple was built. I was brought to tears once again as I watched the sister missionaries teach vistors about God's plan and the reason we have temples. The feeling is so beautiful inside the grounds, a feeling of belonging and reverance. There is no worry or care while inside this place. Why does it have to leave so quickly once you walk away? I have decided my goal in life is to become a temple worker someday. We also had the priviledge of visiting the tabernacle and listening to the men's choir practicing some songs. We had a great time. I encourage all of you who are tryig to decide where to take a trip, go to SLC and visit temple square. It is beautiful!! Well today is also my 15th Anniversary. I will be posting pics of Larry and I at a later time, I have not had a chance to get them done yet. Tomorrow will be our 14th anniversary for when we were sealed in the Idaho Falls temple. I have some fun pics of that event as well as some new photos celebrating our 15 years of marriage!!


Jannae said...

i love that you put your picture of the motocross right under your temple pics!

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