Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm Ridin Man!

Here are the pics of Larry and Seth riding the other day. I can't believe how much Seth has grown because he is now too big for his bike. So it looks like he needs a new one sometime soon. Maybe when I win the lottery! They did have fun but the wind was blowing really hard. It was hard to get good pictures but when is it ever easy? Ryan will not get on the bike anymore. A couple of years ago he got on it and pulled the throttle all the way and then paniced and couldn't let go. To make a short story a little shorter he did a front flip off the bike and now he won't get back on it. Hopefully we can get him to ride again. Seth was about 3 when he started riding a motorcycle and was in a race when he was 4. He does like it a lot but he is not competitive at all and goes at his own pace not anyone elses! Larry on the other hand is obsessed with the sport. He has had a bike since we got married and has raced in about 12-15 races. He does very well and is very competitive. He loves to go fast and do all kinds of crazy jumps and tricks. Yes he has been hurt a lot. He broke his back when Seth was a baby but that didn't stop him from riding again. Crazy man!


Rachel B said...

Your making Lloyd and my boys drool... Lloyd so is wanting to get back into motorcycles.. If he would stop having babies he might be able to buy a bike again someday.


Great Pictures.

perryfamilyblog said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I didn't see any pictures of you on the motorcycles? What a fun thing to do as a family!

angel2 said...

You guys are always doing something fun!! I love your new car by the way its awesome. When you go to sell that you should sell it pretty fast.