Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trip to Boise...

We are back from our trip to Boise! Natalia had a competition in Nampa on Friday so we went up with my girlfriend Michelle and her daughter because she was in the competition too. Let me just say that we had a BLAST! We got to eat, shop, laugh, talk, and we loved every minute of it! It is so nice to get away with just the girls because we can eat and shop as long as we want with out the boys telling us no! It was so much fun! Thanks a ton Michelle and Kyndall for coming with us and letting us have such a great time. We will have to do it again and soon! Make sure you go all the way down this post to see all the great pictures. I took so many cute ones it was hard to decide what to put on here. Enjoy!

Natalia all done up and ready to go! This costume is so cute! She looks adorable.

They won so many awards for this dance it was so awesome! They won for their division. I ordered a dvd of their dances so I will put the video on here when I get it. This dance is soooo cute! They do such a great job.

Natalia getting on her eye lashes for the competition. I don't know why she even needs fake ones because hers are just as long.

Michelle and Kyndall getting ready for the competition. The girls did so well. It was awesome to watch them. It's always a long day but it is worth it at the end when they win awards.

Natalia and Kyndall in front of Limited Too at the mall! They had so much fun together. They got a free webkins at Limited Too when they spent $10. They carried them around everywhere after that.

Michelle and I waiting to be seated at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch! It was so yummy! We had just got done shopping all morning at the mall. We had such a good time. I probably spent too much money but it was worth it.

We had so much fun getting these t-shirts and taking our picture! Any of you that know my husband well will know that he absolutely loved this picture. It was so fun just letting our hair down and having a blast!


perryfamilyblog said...

Love it!!!! You are awesome! The pictures all turned out great! (except the one of me doing kyndalls hair.... uggh!) Can't wait to do it again soon!!! Hope you guys are recuperating well... I can't believe how tired we are today!!

Anonymous said...

good job natalia you girls do a good of dancing.. look forward to the next season