Friday, August 22, 2008

I am still alive!!

Yes I am still here! I have been a bad blogger I know. Our lives are just so boring lately that there is nothing new! I haven't been taking any pictures so I figured I didn't need to blog but I do miss it! We have just been working our little tails off and the kids have been very bored and they can't wait to go back to school just for something to do! We did go to the tri-cities and did some school shopping mainly for Natalia. She is at the age where she has to have the name brand clothes and she has to have a lot of them! So yeah we spent too much money on her but the boys are easy all they need is some cool shoes, tees, and jeans and they are happy! It is fun to shop now with Natalia because I love clothes and she does too now so we had some good times! She can't wait to go to middle school. I asked her the other day why she wanted to go to school so bad and she says I don't want to go to learn I just want to see my friends every day! I was like too bad you better listen and learn too! Anyway we are going home for the weekend today and we are excited! So I will try to take some pictures and be better at blogging have a great weekend everyone!!


Burrup Family said...

Beck I have missed reading your blog so post more often! Your kids are adorable!!