Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Time!

Well its Christmas time! I love this time of year. We put up our Christmas tree and I had to take a picture of it because it is so pretty! I love to decorate but I don't really get to here because all of my decorations are in storage and no room to put anything here. Hopefully next year we will be in our own home!!! I am crossing my fingers! I had to mess around with my camera and found the best picture was without the flash on so it is a little dark but it looks prettier.~~~~~~
Hey Brisky we would absolutely love it if you came here for Christmas!!! We are going to be staying home for Christmas. This will be the very first year in my whole life that I have not been with my family at Christmas time! How sad is that? We really need to save some money and traveling takes a lot of money. Anyway I would love some of my family to come here that would be great! I am going to try and take our family pics tomorrow night so I will post them when I get them done! I am out for now~~Bye!


Rachel B said...

Oh your tree turned out so pretty! I still need to take a good one of mine to post on my blog.. One of these days... Maybe tonight. :)