Friday, November 2, 2007

Fall 07

Well life inside the Jensen's house is really awesome let me tell you. I decided to do a blog since everyone I know is doing it now. And I always do what everyone else is doing! Right!?? Besides this will give all my family and friends who live in Poky a chance to see what goes on in our world! Which is not much but it will let you see all the pictures I have been taking lately! It is a lot of fun taking pictures. I just wish I would have started a long time ago and that I didn't have to move so much that all of my pictures are in storage! Great place for them I know.

Well here is a picture of Larry exactly a month ago! Now that was really fun! No actually it was not fun it was really scary and a huge miracle that he has healed up so fast and has no problems except for a few headaches once in a while. So thanks to all of you for your prayers and help it was much needed.Now we are getting hit with the medical bills because Larry was not on my insurance quite yet. So I think that we are at the $31,000.00 mark! Yikes!! We are trying to get some financial assistance with the hospital so if all of you could pray some more for us that would be excellent! WE are all glad that he is aok now so that is great. He is working hard as ever and trying to find ways for us to get out of debt soon so that we can build a few houses! He is such a great father and husband always working really hard and trying to build his business every day which is not easy! Anyway here is a picture of him on Halloween along with a couple others of me and the kids! Hopefully I can do this right!


Brian said...

It's kind of ironic becks that you posted that picture of larry with all the halloween pictures. Was that real or just for halloween. JK. It's great that he has heeled so fast. Great job on the blog. I look forward to reading more.