Friday, November 2, 2007

Here are my lovely children! You can tell Ryan really wanted to let me take some pictures! He had to cry and whine a little before he warmed up! But just to let you know what they are: Natalia wanted to be a pirate but left her patch and hat at school (of course!), Seth wanted to be black SpiderMan and Ryan had to have the same no matter what! He always has to do whatever Seth is doing. They love eachother so much but fight like crazy. Ryan loves to bug Seth! He will sit and quietly copy him until Seth starts crying!
He won't do it loud enough for anyone else to hear! What a little poop! Seth likes to yell really loud so that you can hear him! But they are really good little boys. Natalia is the best helper a mother could have. She always helps even if she doesn't want to.


Rachel Berry said...

Hmm Boys sounds like my house. Cute costumes! I think this was the year of the pirates, that's what jentry was too well Captain Jack that is.

Wink wink..Ok I expect you to comment on my blog now that your doing one yourself ;)