Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Fun!

Strike A Pose! Larry
is such a great photographer!

The boys are being nice in this picture but soon after started fighting again! What a couple of monkeys! They can't get enough of Transformers. They play it on the computer and the playstation. Is there something wrong with these two?!

Well its Sunday and we are having tons of fun as usual. I decided to take some pics because we are sooooo bored and I am having way to much fun blogging!! I love it. Well it was Stake Conference today and we went until about 11:15 then the boys started fighting and Larry saying my butt hurts lets go! So we left. We were in the very back and could hardly hear so at least we went! It is so nice out today I wish that someone would take our family pics but no such luck. So does my head look huge in this photo or what!? Natalia actually took this one. I was trying to fix them on my picture program but it would not save the changes for some reason. I was getting frustrated but I will play with it some more.


Rachel Berry said...

I hear you about the family pictures. We so need to get our taken, hey maybe we should trade and do each others? :)