Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Live, Love, Laugh, and Have Fun!

That is my quote for the day! Not much going on here on a Tuesday evening! Just got done with homework and treats. Except for Larry won concert tickets off the radio today. He won tickets to the Evanesance concert in Boise on the 20th of this month!!! We love Evanesance! I think that is how you spell it. Anyway so I think the plan is to go to that concert and then come home for Thanksgiving. Not sure yet what we will do with the kids the night of the concert but we will work it out. We never win anything! Thats pretty cool. Well Larry is bugging me right now so I am going to go! Keep the comments coming!


Brian said...

You can bring them over to our house and we will watch them. Or you can come over and watch them while we go to the concert. Either way!